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Celebrate Home
Highland Village is a vibrant community. Take a look at our slideshow to see how we celebrate summer.


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Mingle Family
What first attracted us to Highland Village was the beautiful entrance with the waterfalls and the pond. When we were ready to build a new house, we had already fallen in love with the neighborhood, then we found an excellent builder.

Melissa Mingle and son Ryan


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Ratliff Family
When we retired and were moving back to Oklahoma, we looked all over Norman. Highland Village seemed more accessible to us from anywhere in town.We can be in Oklahoma City in 20 minutes and anywhere we want to be in town quickly.

Jim and Donna Ratliff


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Bruton Family
We have lived in Highland Village since 2003 and plan to stay longer. It is a well-kept neighborhood with friendly families and very convenient for our lifestyle. 

Doug and Pam Bruton
with daughter  Blaine